UnBroken / Solving the Problem the Right Way

Project under NDA

This project was all about enabling athletes to improve performance by giving them friction and protection, helping them never lose their grip. Although we went about figuring out and solving the problem using a need driven, user centered design approach, P&G had a technology and was hoping we would find it to be the solution to this problem. 

After in context user interviews, observations, secondary research, and a current solution audit, we were able to define three tensions around pain, minimal equipment, and sweat. Our solution needed to address each one of these tensions to be useful to our users and to be successful in the marketplace.

On it's own, P&G's technology addressed one of these tensions. We changed the form, use model, and added functionality to the technology, so that it eased all three tensions.

This project was expanded into the P&G Ventures summer fellowship, leading to the project Dash, which is all about telling the right story.