Overview / Nike Shoes, A Collaboration

I was chosen out of thousands of applicants to design a Nike shoe for a limited edition "Give Thanks" shoe drop in collaboration with Nike By You x Cultivator, available exclusively on Nike.com


As a lesbian who loves country music, my two worlds very rarely intersect, so I have been working to bridge the gap between the two. My Shoes, "Redesigning Women" are dedicated to the women of country music who are kicking up dirt and forging a new path, redesigning women and redefining country music, and even starting to give lesbians a voice within the genre. They’re the foundation of the shoe and the movement, leaving footprints for others to follow. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Along with giving thanks, my goal is that these shoes help the LGBTQ community see past the polarizing wall of gender stereotypes that shades country music by shining light on the amazing female country artists who are breaking all the molds, bridging the gap.


The shoes are named after the song "Redesigning Women" by the High Women, a new group of 4 female country singers. The song is about breaking free of gender stereotypes and redesigning the way that women are seen.