I wanted to design lifestyle sneakers that were simple yet made a statement. When looking at the design target, the shoes need to be a basic, solid color. One small thing typically defines the outfit, for these shoes, that's the laces. The laces add a pop of color and rebellious factor, they are different than every other shoe, on the edge of defining culture. 

Design Target


Competitive Landscape



Shoes / Industrial Design


Carapoop / Merging Function + Aesthetics 

There is no fun way to pick up dog poop, but now at least there is a functional, stylish way: The Carapoop. The Carapoop can clip onto a belt loop, leash, keys, rock climbing harness, etc., it holds a role of poop bags and allows it to turn, and it has a notch in it to hold a full poop bag. 

So much function in

one piece of wood!


Snowboard Rack / Seamlessly Living on the Jeep

There is a stunning lack of aesthetically pleasing snowboard racks for Jeep Wranglers. Ones that go on top of the Jeep are unreachable, and don't allow for a topless Jeep mode. Racks that attach to the rear spare tire are bulky and overbearing. My rack has two modes, snowboard/ski carrying mode and the  normal jeep mode. The carrying mode holds the snowboards along the back of the jeep. When the rack is not carrying snowboards, the clamps can fold around and outline the rear tire, keeping the jeep aesthetics and staying out of the way.

Carrying mode

Normal Jeep mode

How it transitions

How it holds the boards


1 CAD file, 11 laser cut body pieces, 42 laser cut tiles, 1 wood stain color, 2 spray paint colors, and 1 week in-between finals and graduation is what it took to combine my love for Texas and the game Connect Four.

I imagined the way all of the parts would connect, and then created a 2-D drawing of the parts, and brought them to life with a laser cutter. Each tile has one side and white and one side black, adding a little bit of innovation to the timeless game

Connect Four / Texas Style


Houston Strong / Rebuilding a Community

I moved from Houston to Chicago for grad school the day that hurricane Harvey hit. When I went back to visit Houston for Christmas break, I wanted to give my friends reminder of how beautiful and strong Houston is, it's a community like no other.

I took a silhouette of the city skyline and turned it into three laser cut layers of acrylic. The layers are glued together and sit on top of a strip of 5 Neopixels. Each person got a different color combination based on their personalities.


GlobeMed Poster / Graphic Design

GlobeMed is a student organization focused on promoting sustainable international health partnerships and global health education. They asked each person in our class to create a poster that could be hung around campus to get people interested. 

My poster aims to remind everyone that no matter where you live, we are all part of the same world and all should work towards the same goal. The heartbeat combines part of the Chicago skyline and an Acacia tree iconic to Africa, visualizing the words "One world. One Heartbeat". I went with bright colors that are slightly offset from the heartbeat to make the club more fun and inviting.