Dash / Telling the Right Story

Project under NDA

My two teammates and I were tasked with building a product portfolio and brand for people who live active lives and are always on the go, over a 10 week fellowship for Procter and Gamble Ventures. 

Through consumer interviews, secondary research, polls, observations, and landing page testing, we uncovered three driving tensions around performance, transitioning back to the day, and recovering for people who live an on the go, active life.



I want to sweat during my workout, but I don't want the sweat to interfere with my performance


Dash during your workout

"Performance is everything. I’d be willing to try just about anything to get that extra edge on my marathon time"

I want to give it my all when I find time to workout, but I don't want to be hot and sweaty for my next event

On The Go

Dash back to your day

"I feel like some days I really can’t push myself. I gotta go home, I gotta get ready, I have a meeting, I have to get downtown. Somedays I have to go a little lighter on the

weights so that I’m not as

hot and sweaty"



I want to workout as often as I can, but I don't want to suffer from the negative side effects


Recover to dash again

"Success is when my run is easier, faster, further than the day before and no pain is involved"