Design Recognitions

Northwestern University - 2019

Creative Tech Showcase

1st Place - Auxilia

Design Management Institute - 2018

Design Value Award

Honorable Mention - NeighbourFood

Best Overall Team - Free Wheely

Rice University - 2017

Bay Area Bioengineering Showcase 


As a design thinker, I make things that matter

   It doesn't matter..

   ...how well you've engineered a product if no one wants to use it.  

   ...how great a product idea is if no one knows how to use it.

   ...what a product can do if no one is paying attention.


Using a user-centered problem solving approach, we can gain empathy and truly understand the users and their tensions. We cannot only ensure that we are solving the right problems, but that they are being solved in the right way. Because we understand the users, we know how to talk to them, we know how to make the story of a product fit within the story of their lives. As design thinkers, we can create value, disrupt, affect change, and add delight to the lives of the users.

My Design Thinking Process


Find the right problem

User research

Gain empathy

Insight identification

Solve it in the right way

Creative frameworks

Technical feasibility

User testing

Tell the right story

Design strategy

Powerful storytelling

Delightful pitches

Design in Music


Design in Products


Design in Life